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Servant Leadership

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Apply the power of servant leadership in your workplace!

We offer practical servant leadership programs for individuals and teams that seek superior results. Servant leadership works for those pursuing greater employee engagement, customer loyalty and innovation.

Training Sessions

Our introductory programs are valuable for those who have never heard of servant leadership or want to refresh their understanding of it. In these programs, we introduce theory but emphasize practice through active participation & engagement.

Clients gain a solid foundation in servant leadership, including:  

  • How servant leadership differs from other leadership approaches


  • Who a servant-leaders is: the virtues of the servant leader

  • What a servant-leader does: the servant leader’s distinctive priorities, principles & practices

  • The benefits of servant leadership in the workplace

  • Organizations succeeding through servant leadership

Team Workshops

Our team workshops help our clients learn a foundational model of leadership, applying the distinctive servant leadership approach. Through theory and skill-building exercises, you'll acquire effective practices and tools for implementing servant leadership in the workplace.

Representative workshop topics include:​

  • The work of leaders: crafting a vision, building alignment and championing execution


  • Fundamentals of servant leadership in the workplace: priorities, principles and practices

  • Servant leadership skill building

  • “Servant selling”: sales and fundraising

  • Servant leadership and customer experience

  • Understanding myself and those I lead through DiSC and other workplace assessments

DEI Assessment


Servant Leadership


To learn more about our services and about how the Collective 180 can help your organization thrive.

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