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Management Fundamentals

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An introduction to the fundamental skills needed to be a high performing-manager – one who can achieve team success and drive bottom-line results.

Our Management Fundamentals Workshop can be customized based upon the manager’s needs and the needs of your organization.

Below are just a few workshop topics we offer:

Understanding Self

Learn your management style and how to improve your performance through the DiSC Assessment tool. 

Leading through Ambiguity 

Practice step by step skills needed to lead through different stages of organizational change.  Learn skills to act without the complete picture and see ambiguity as an opportunity. 


Create an environment for staff to be successful.  Provide support to staff as they achieve specific goals and reach their full potential.

Giving Feedback 

Use the Situation-Behavior-Impact (SBI) tool to guide you as you deliver more effective feedback.  The SBI tool will focus your comments on specific situations, behaviors and the impact these behaviors may have on others.

Overcoming Personal Bias 

Learn to recognize and mitigate similarity bias (the people “like me” syndrome).

Emotional Intelligence 

Explore how Emotional Intelligence (EQ) affects your emotions and interpersonal relationships.  Dig into the World of Emotions and why this is important in managing a team.

Becoming a Manager/Leader and Developing Others 

Understand the differences between being a leader and a manager and how combining the two can produce greatest impact.  Making a commitment to your own development and those you lead.

Effectively Managing a Diverse Team 

Learn to embrace diverse backgrounds and aspirations. Gain skills needed to lead diverse teams into a cohesive, productive and successful team.

Communication Styles 

Learn different communication styles in order to understand others.  How to build healthy relationships and communicate across lines of difference.

And more……

...many more innovative bespoke programs.

DEI Assessment


​Management Fundamentals


To learn more about our services and about how the Collective 180 can help your organization thrive.

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