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Engaging With Difference Workshops



Participants examine how our differences and similarities impact our organizational life, highlighting how essential it is to be self-aware about inclusion and its relevance in our lives.


  • Learn to elicit and honor the wisdom everyone carries on diversity and inclusion;

  • Surface what is hidden, and appreciate the multiplicity of our identities;

  • Pay attention to the assumptions, feelings, beliefs, and values that drive behavior;

  • Practice stepping to the edge of our comfort zone, and taking one, or more, steps beyond;

  • Explore working styles and how they intersect with each other.

  • Prerequisites:  None

  • Workshop Length: 1 – 2 Days

  • Size:  12 – 35 participants



Participants learn dialogue skills that foster a safe and productive environment where colleagues trust and learn from one another.  We explore “Power Dynamics” and how they differ based on our group memberships and experiences.  


  • Use dialogue as a skill to enhance inclusiveness and to communicate across lines of difference; 

  • Learn to manage the dynamics of power relations in a diverse setting;

  • Explore unearned privilege and unconscious bias, which may inadvertently hamper inclusion;

  • Share and begin to understand experiences and perspectives of those who may be different.

  • Prerequisites: Awareness EWD

  • Workshop Length: 1 – 1½ days

  • Size:  12 – 35 participants



This is the culmination of the “Engaging with Difference” series.  Participants are introduced to The Collective Action Framework and a three-pillar model for taking organizational and individual action.  Participants explore scenarios where diversity and inclusion challenge their learnings.


  • Understand the potential risks in taking action;

  • Learn how conditioning screens can contribute to or exacerbate a perception of discrimination, marginalization, or victimhood;

  • Explore transferring the inclusiveness training back to the organization;

  • Make individual and collective commitments to advance a culture 

  • Prerequisites: Dialogue EWD

  • Workshop Length: ½ – 1 day

  • Size:  6 – 35 participants

EWD Workshop


Engaging With Difference Workshops


DEI Assessment

A Participatory Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Assessment measures and analyzes an organization’s current DEI practice by examining its activities, processes, structures, internal work environment and culture and then provides recommendations to advance DEI through an organization. 

This assessment enables an organization to: 

  1. Identify areas that help and/or hinder its diversity and inclusion efforts

  2. Build organization-wide ownership and buy-in of diversity initiatives 

  3. Increase organizational learning on DEI through a process of information sharing, reflection and action planning

A Participatory DEI Assessment strengthens an organization’s ability to manage and advance DEI internally and ultimately enhances organizational effectiveness and excellence.

A Participatory DEI Assessment has four main components:


Gathers quantitative information from

all staff to obtain their perceptions

around four leverage areas: Representation, Learning,

Trust and Accountability.

Interviews with targeted staff who can

help clarify and/or provide context

for issues or questions that

arise during the other

components of the

Inventory and review of an
organization’s strategies,
policies, procedures and
communications materials to
see how/if they contribute to
and/or reflect an organization’s
DEI-related aspirations. 

Gathers qualitative input
from all staff about
DEI-related issues to provide
further insight into the Desk
Review and Survey findings and
check assumptions.

Quantitative methods

Qualitative methods

DEI Assessment


DEI Assessment


EWD Workshop
DEI Assessment

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