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Our Services

The Collective 180 has developed a suite of services that we deliver with varying levels of customization depending on our clients’ needs. Experience has taught us that the best training programs are built upon an understanding of each particular organization’s culture. We enjoy working collaboratively with our clients to create trainings that are response to their situations and needs. 

We offer Services designed to make workplaces thrive.

A suite of programs

aimed at increasing self-awareness,

expanding the understanding of diversity in

teams, and building a culture of inclusion.

Intensive individual

sessions contextualized for leadership

development, performance behaviors, and

high potential growth.


introduction to the foundational skills

needed to be a high-performing manager –

one who can achieve team success and

drive bottom-line results.

We offer practical servant leadership training programs for individuals and teams that seek superior results. Servant leadership works for those pursuing greater employee engagement, customer loyalty, and innovation.

Team Effectiveness

Workshops, retreats,

seminars, and other learning experiences

designed to build trust, leverage individual

contributions, and increase team


To learn more about our services and about how the Collective 180 can help your organization thrive.

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