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Executive Coaching

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Our executive coaching services focus on helping individuals reach their goals, improve their performance and leadership skills, and fostering and inclusive culture.

Our consultants are all Sherpa Certified Executive coaches and are the perfect guides to individuals who want to reach their summit.

Coaching Philosophy/Principles:

We define individual coaching as a regular one-on-one meeting with a trained facilitator, designed to produce specific, positive changes in business behavior in a fixed time frame

  • While we acknowledge and want to reinforce an individual’s strengths, we believe it is important to tackle those behaviors that prevent an individual from getting to the next level.

  • Managers/Leaders play a critical role in creating an inclusive culture.  We coach leaders and mangers to assist in their ability to recognize any unconscious bias and to be role models for open and honest communication and learning. 

  • Coaching can assist an organization’s succession planning by assisting in the development of your rising stars.

  • Managers who use coaching skills can better empower.

Key Coaching Steps:

  • Personal Inventory – self-discovery/awareness


  • Global View – how people, places, and things affect you and how others view you


  • Destination – determine the path you need to take for improvement/development specific to your needs


  • Charting the Course – work on specific areas and organize and structure goals to fit your needs

  •  Agenda – A plan for ongoing success


  • Ideally twelve 1-hour sessions over a period of 4 months

  • Coaching can be face to face, videoconferencing, via phone or any combination

  • 1-3 day programs to teach coaching skills to managers


DEI Assessment


Executive Coaching


To learn more about our services and about how the Collective 180 can help your organization thrive.

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