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How We Work

The Collective 180 provides our clients experiences that are relevant, engaging, transformative, and memorable. Our work includes a mix of discovery, discussion, application, and action planning. Formats may include presentation, short videos, small group work, facilitated group discussion and individual reflection. ​Using these approaches, we create spaces where participants feel safe to be vulnerable, open to others and able to do the deep (and sometimes challenging) work needed for real change. 

In addition to its core team, the Collective 180 draws upon an extensive network of consultants, trainers, and facilitators to serve alongside us when needed. Our network enables us to supplement our team to meet the needs of large-scale projects and to bring additional skills and expertise to a project team. Our network partners are trusted professionals with whom we have worked directly. 

To learn more about our services and about how the Collective 180 can help your organization thrive.

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