Patrick Solomon


Patrick is a certified Sherpa Executive Coach and an experienced Human Resources Consultant focusing on leadership development, team effectiveness, and Diversity and Inclusion. Patrick’s success over the years has been characterized by his commitment to being a servant leader, and an undeniable passion for improving diversity and inclusion within organizations.

Patrick served as the Vice President for Human Resources and Administration. During his tenure in leading HR at CARE Patrick led the development and implementation of an HR vision and strategy, and provided strategic advice to the CEO and Executive Management Team on HR matters resulting in Talent Management adopted as a priority.

He led the alignment of HR-related systems, policies, and procedures with CARE’s new strategy and core values , implemented a CARE wide Talent Management System for 10,000 employees to enable the organization to make better staffing and succession-planning decisions.

Patrick was appointed by the Board as one of a three-person high-powered team that led CARE’s Organization Redesign and restructuring efforts aimed at improving CARE’s impact and relevance and also becoming more streamlined.

Patrick has first-hand knowledge of CARE’s work and its positive impact in crisis zones through his visits to countless CARE projects worldwide (over 25 countries) including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burundi, Egypt, Ethiopia, Haiti, and South Sudan.

Patrick started in CARE in 2003 as the Director, Internal Audit and in April 2005 became Vice President for Human Resources. Prior to CARE, Patrick spent 15 years working for BellSouth in Atlanta, Georgia. During his tenure at BellSouth, he gained experience in many different disciplines including Internal Audit, Finance, Human Resources, and Operations Support.

He has a BBA in Accounting from Howard University, and an MBA from Georgia State University. He is also a Certified Public Accountant.


Patrick Solomon